Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach, QLDThe Whitehaven Beach is a gift of nature to the Whitsundays Island indeed. It stretches over 7 kilometers along the Whitsunday Island which is the largest of 74 islands in the Whitsundays. This is a place where anyone finds peace, relaxation and breaks away from the tension and stress of daily life.
The Whitsunday Island is accessible by boat, and there are arrangements made to make it easier for tourists to get to Whitehaven Beach. At Airlie Beach, Hamilton Island and Shute Harbour there are tourist mainland ports.
The Whitehaven Beach was found by Staff Commander EP Bedwell, in 1979. This amazing and breathtaking beach is known for its white sand. The white colour is accounted by 98% of its content being silica. Silica gives the sand at Whitehaven Beach a bright and attractive white colour. Amazing as it may seem, the rocks found on the island do not contain silica at all. Therefore, it has been suggested that the sands were probably brought to the beach through sea currents which may have prevailed over millions of years ago.
In addition to the amazing bright white sands, the crystal clear aqua waters in the Whitehaven Beach is a must see place for anyone visiting Australia. Once you arrive at the Whitehaven Beach, you will not be able to ignore the beauty and pleasant atmosphere. You will then understand why this island has been names the “Queensland’s Most Beautiful Beach”. Over time the Whitehaven Beach has received acknowledgement and awards by different renown associations such as the “Keep Australia Beautiful”, the “Queensland’s Friendliest Beach. These two named Whitehaven as the most beautiful beach twice.
In addition to this, cnn.com also named Whitehaven Beach as “the World’s Top Eco-Friendly Beach 2010”. Other titles achieved by Whitehaven Beach include; the North Queensland’s Cleanest Beach in 2009, the Queensland’s Friendliest Beach 2009, The Queensland’s Cleanest Beach 2008, and Australia’s 20 Best Experiences-Island Experience-Whitsunday Islands.
The Hill Inlet is a stunning cove at the northern end of the Whitehaven Beach. This is where tourists get to marvel at the most beautiful and awesome fusion of different colours. These colours are created as the white silica sand gets shifted by the waters. The white silica sand and turquoise colour of the inlet work together to create the most amazing effect of colours. It is recommended for tourists visiting the Whitehaven to make a journey to the Tongue Point; this is located on the Whitsunday Island.
There are many operators that arrange trips during the day to the Whitehaven Beach and the Hill Inlet as well. Some operators also offer services for tourists who may want to spend the night under the stars at the Whitehaven Beach. You can have an overnight stay in your hired vessel or at the remarkable resorts. By ferry, luxury yachts or via power boats, tourists can get to the Tongue Point to get the best lookout experience. Alternatively, tourists can also fly over the Hill Inlet to see the magical waters in a helicopter or in a seaplane. Witnessing the colours seen at the Whitehaven is definitely worth a lifetime.
Some operators available at the Whitsunday Island and most of them are award winners.

The best of tourism services providing cruising, rafting, sailing and diving and seaplanes include;

  • Fantasea Adventure Cruising: Their services are available only for $45 to $49 per person.
  • Cruise Indigo: At the price of $65 to $143, these operators provide the best of cruising services.
  • Cruise Whitsundays: Their cruising services cost between $65 and $160.
  • Ocean Rafting: You can raft in the Whitehaven beach only for $120 to $212.
  • Whitsunday Island Adventure Cruise: For an adventurous time at the Whitehaven Beach, this operator costs only $140.
  • Mantaray Charters: Tourists can have the best of time diving and exploring under the clear aqua water only for $140 to $150
  • Reefjet Whitsunday: Exploring the Whitehaven Beach can become the most amazing experience only for $150 with these operators.
  • Whitehaven Xpress: The price of $150 is completely justified for the amazing experience tourists get with these operator services. Exploring the Whitehaven waters can become the best moments in your life.
  • H2O Sportz: Tourists looking forward to scuba diving in the clear waters at the Whitsundays can have the most fun only for prices ranging from $175 to $195.
  • Adventure Sail & Dive – Southern Cross Sailing: For $199-$399 going on a day or night trip to the clear aqua water for a sail and dive is simply breathtaking while tourists are at the Whitsunday Island.
  • Adventure Sailing – ProSail Maxi Whitsundays: Tourists can take control and hoist the sails of their vessels only for $119 – $599. Enjoy being at sea and get the best experience of sailing at the Whitsundays.
  • Air Whitsunday Seaplanes: These are the best seaplane operators at the Whitsundays and have the best experiences to offer only for $240 to 425. You can explore the waters and enjoy the beauty of the islands.
  • Awesome Adventures Oz: only for prices between $279 and $329 tourists get to enjoy a range of activities and experiences. They can explore the Great Barrier Reef, cruise to the Knuckle Reef Lagoon, or signup for the Camira Sailing Adventure and much more.
  • Eco Tallships – Whitsundays Sailing Adventures: This is a unique operator that offers an opportunity to discover the rich heritage of Australia’s maritime history only for prices ranging between $429 and $590.
  • Wings Diving Adventures: Tourists can explore the Great Barrier Reef, sail and dive in the Whitehaven beach or go for walks only for $ 475 to $585.
  • Cruising for Couples – Whitsundays Sailing Adventures: Tourists travelling in couples and searching for fun and adventure can have the best time of their lives sailing, cruising and diving only for $495 to $699.
  • Adventure Sailing – Whitsundays Sailing Adventures: For a thrilling and chilling experience with lots of sailing exploring, snorkelling, and beach walking only for prices ranging between $359 and $590, this operator is highly recommended.
  • Adventure Sail & Dive – Whitsundays Sailing Adventures: These operators make sure their tourists explore in style and comfort with the best of sailing and diving experience in the Whitehaven only for $ 475.
  • Australian Tallship Cruises: There will be a variety of adventures and exploration to experience only at prices between $559 and $789.
  • Kiana Sail and Dive Pty Ltd: Tourists get to spend three days and two nights sailing and diving in the clear waters of Whitehaven Beach, and explore the Whitsundays Islands and the Great Barrier Reef only for $649.

There is absolutely no excuse for not visiting the amazing Whitehaven Beach when you visit the Whitsundays!