At the Whitsundays there are traditional churches where you can have the best wedding you could ever imagine. Couples getting married on the Whitsundays can choose between churches on the Whitsunday
Coast or select Chapels on any of the 74 amazing islands. There are remarkable function venues where couples may have a combined ceremony and reception onboard luxurious vessels. Couples can also
choose to hold wedding ceremonies in local parks and gardens with the most stunning scenes.

There are many choices to choose from. It could be a wedding under swaying palm trees with turquoise waters lapping the shores or among panoramic backdrops in island chapels. It could also be a wedding on Whitehaven Beach or at a pool side overlooking surrounding islands. You may as well think of being adventurous and make the plunge by having a scuba wedding ceremony off the back of a boat. There is everything you need for organizing your wedding. There are planners, decorators, florists, patissiers, makeup artists, photographers and videographers to make sure your dream wedding comes through at its best.

There are the most amazing wedding dresses available at the Whitsundays for the bride and groom. You will find the latest trends and most beautiful colors. Hair styles with shells and corals, beads and pearls, curls and braids. When it comes to fashion, the Whitsundays have a unique experience to offer couples wedding at the Whitsundays.

Whitsundays Wedding Venues
The wedding venues at the Whitsundays have diverse options for the most ideal wedding. There are fully catered indoors functions, open air beachside decks, private homes, gourmet restaurants and many options to select from. There are apartments at these wedding venues with a variety of bedrooms which have been designed to be different in space, color and lighting. There are remarkable interiors and spacious balconies, lush gardens and pools to make your wedding the best time of your life. The most popular sites for a Whitsunday wedding include the following venues.

  • The Marina Shores: For only $153.00 To $450.00 per night couples can have a wedding designed by the well-known Ken Down Architects. Here you will find a contemporary themes complementing an absolutely breathtaking waterfront setting in Airlie Beach. There are many luxurious apartments overlooking Abel Point Marina, the Whitsunday Island and the Coral Sea. Here you will find famous restaurants, boutiques, bars and excellent nightlife.
  • Blue Horizon Resort Apartments: Available at $115 to $985per night the Blue Horizon Resort has excellent views, self-contained apartments, comfortable luxury Penthouses. There are gymnasiums well equipped and children’s wading pools and play rooms as well. You will also get the best places for barbeque and sundecks overlooking the most amazing Whitsunday waters.
  • Coral Sea Resort: You can get a relaxed and quiet atmosphere at the Coral Sea Resort only for $330 to $740 per night. There are enticing oceanfront restaurants which are award winners, a seaside gazebo for private dining, the best cocktail lounge, fitness room, massage facilities, the most beautiful wedding chapel and many other wonderful places here. One of the most interesting activities here is the Crocodile River tour.
  • Botanica: This is Whitsunday’s most romantic wedding spots. Here you will find the most amazing bridal villa with the most luxurious and sophisticated arrangements. There is every important accessory you may need for the most perfect wedding at the Whitsundays. The Coral Sea, Hayman Island and Whitsundays beaches add to the serene beauty of the wedding chapel at Botanica.

Other remarkable wedding venues include Cruise Indigo, Daydream Island, Deja Vu Restaurant, Hamilton Island, Hayman Island, Long Island Resort, Peppers Coral Coast Resort, Weddings In Parks, Sundowner Cruises, and the Whitsunday marine club. The prices range from $65 per night to as much as $515 per night depending on how luxurious a wedding you can afford. Each of these venues is located overlooking the most amazing seaside and islands on the Whitsundays.

Whitsunday Wedding Suppliers
Every supplier to the Wedding Industry on the Whitsundays has everything the couple can need to be comfortable and to have the best wedding ever. There are expert wedding planners, decorators, photographers, videographers, makeup artists, hair dressers, dressmakers, musicians, DJ’s, florists, celebrants and caterers. There are some extraordinary spas where you can get the best facials and massage. You just have to name what you need for your wedding, and the suppliers will make sure it is there.

These suppliers also have the best and most unique wedding themes, cake ideas and pre-wedding party ideas. You can have coral pieces and shells fixed into your hair to have the perfect Whitsundays bridal hair style. The cake can look ideal for a French Queen or flower bouquets matching your wedding theme. Your pre-wedding party can be a picnic or on the golf course. There are other ideas for organizing family bonding where the two uniting families can get to know each other amongst the tranquil, scenic locations on the Whitsundays.

Here is a list of the best of the best wedding suppliers for the best wedding at the Whitsundays.
Planners and Decorators

  • Hamilton Island Weddings
  • I Do Events Whitsundays
  • Total Weddings

Wedding Photography

  • Blue Turtle Digital
  • Tropix Photography
  • Iconic Bride Photography

Catering, Cakes and Food-related Suppliers

  • Catering Whitsunday
  • Deja Vu Restaurant Cakes
  • Fussea Buggers
  • Hanly Confectionery
  • Party Cakes Whitsundays
  • Whitsunday Food Service
  • Whitsunday Gold Coffee