Water Activities

Water ActivitiesWhitsundays water based tours can be by kayaking, sailing, swimming, snorkeling and on a luxury powerboat. There are many coral gardens and abundant marine life to explore under water. It is definitely a unique experience for most tourists and the opportunity must not be missed. The two most recommended activities tourist must experience include Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef and sailing through the Whitsunday Islands. At the Great Barrier Reef both experienced divers and novice diver tourists will be able to see the wonders of life under water. While sailing through the 74 islands, tourists can enjoy the calm waters.
There is a whole list of places recommended for the water based tours while visiting the Whitsundays. Tourists can go for overnight sailing and have the best experience ever with owner operated vessels. Swimming, diving and snorkeling, or bush walking is simply a refreshing on all these spots. There are daily departures of fleets offering a range of choices for Adventure Sailing. People between the age of 18 and 35 have this offer in some water based tours. On other water based tours tourists can also hire Tall Ship and Deluxe cruises with good services for families and couples of all ages. Children are allowed on all water tours. Additionally, on Ocean Rafting pets are allowed, and on Whitehaven Xpress disabled people are also allowed.

These services are available at a wide range of prices:

  • Adventure Sail & Dive – Southern Cross Sailing: For prices between $119 and $399 tourists get specialized services for night trips.
  • Adventure Sail & Dive – Whitsundays Sailing Adventures: Tourists can choose their cruise, outer Reef or Islands to explore, when and where to sail, dive, snorkel or kayak. They can decide on which bushwalk to explore or relax on, only for $475.
  • Adventure Sailing – ProSail Maxi Whitsundays: For the perfect sailing experience tourists can have the opportunity to hoist the sails themselves and go where they want. Only for prices between $119 and $399.
  • Adventure Sailing – Whitsundays Sailing Adventures: Tourists can book cruises for thrilling, chilling and completely extraordinary experiences in the Whitsundays. Only for prices between $359 and $590 you can spend lots of time star gazing, snorkeling and exploring the waters.
  • Australian Tallship Cruises: Only for prices between $559 and $789 tourists can have an exotic and luxurious experience onboard a fully crewed cruise.
  • Cruise Indigo: Cruise and dine on the water in exotic vessels this operator has only at the cost of $65 to $143. You can use their catamaran or motor cruise for a remarkable experience.
  • Cruise Whitsundays: Only for prices between $65 and $160 tourists can have exotic and luxurious experience onboard vessels designed for comfort.
  • Cruising for Couples – Whitsundays Sailing Adventures: There can be nothing compared to the best time of your life with your couple in comfort and privacy. You can go scuba diving, sailing and spoil yourselves only for $495 to $699.
  • Eco Barge Services: No cost applies here, it is free. This is meant for those volunteers willing to help the ecosystem and get their hands dirty.
  • Eco Jet Safari: For prices ranging between $175 and $340 tourists can have fun, excitement and get educated about the ecosystem. You can swim with turtles, dolphins and other marine animals to appreciate their natural behaviour.
  • Eco Tallships – Whitsundays Sailing Adventures: Being the Whitsundays Ecotourism Award Winner, this is where tourists get to spend nights, and two or three days only for prices between $429 and $590.
  • Fantasea Adventure Cruising: Ideal for eco-tourism this is where tourists get the best experience with a multi award winning operator in Whitsundays only for prices between $45 and $49.
  • H2O Sportz: This is for a unique experience in waters of Whitsundays, snorkeling, diving and having lots of water sports only between $175 and $195.
  • Kiana Sail and Dive Pty Ltd: You can have three days and two nights of an extraordinary time of your live only for $649. You can visit the Hill Inlet lookout and Whitehaven beach and have lots of fun with scuba diving.
  • Mantaray Charters: Also Eco-accredited and among the best services for $140 to $150, tourist have a fantastic time.
  • Maxi Ragamuffin: At $156 you can spend time on Whitsundays with your family and have the best time swimming and exploring the waters during day sailings.
  • Ocean Rafting: Tourists have the most exhilarating day drives to the Whitehaven Beach and other places only for prices between $120 and $212. Pets are allowed with this operator so your pet can also have lots of adventure.
  • Realsail: The best two night tour onboard the 52 feet sports yacht, for only $359 to $549. There is nothing like this.
  • Reefjet Whitsunday: Have the best whole day experience onboard the Reefjet for $150 only.
  • Salty Dog Sea Kayaking: Tourists can go kayaking only for $50 all day and spend nights under the starlit skies.
  • Sundowner Cruises: Tourists can cruise and dine for $39 onboard the best of vessels for a few hours.
  • Whitehaven Xpress: For $150 tourists get to spend the day under the shades of Ausie Trees and have barbeques and lots of fun. Disabled are also allowed so no one gets left out.
  • Whitsunday Island Adventure Cruise: At $140 tourists get to spend the whole day onboard the “Voyager” in comfort and style.
  • Whitsunday Jetski Tours: Tourists get to choose between Pioneer Bay and Daydream Island Resort and Spa for prices ranging between $100 and $340. Spend a half day of adventure and fun.
  • Wings Diving Adventures: Have the best of two or three nights stay with diving experience for $475 to $585 only.