Extended Sailing Trips

Night Sailing Trips

To make your stay at the Whitsundays memorable, you have the option to go for the overnight sailing trips. What can be more enthralling than spending a whole night in the waters of Whitsundays?
You can take your boat into the calm waters and sleep in the gentle rowing of the waves of the seas. Charting your own course to be part of action and adventure by yourself on a bareboat is simply an incredible experience. Alternatively you can select your own crew for your chartered vessel, ocean racer, or tall-ship. You can also get yourself a luxury launch or a premium yacht where you can lay back and experience the tranquility of nature. This is what makes the Whitsundays Australia’s sailing paradise.

Bareboat Tours
The Bareboats are meant to allow tourists enjoy skippering themselves on chartered boats. There are many operators around the Whitsundays which provide flotilla ships for tourists. They also have yachts, catamarans and motor launches of varying sizes for people chartering a bareboat. The best part is that you do not need a license to be able to make the most of the bareboat experience. However, at least one of your crew members must have a sailing experience.

Costs of Sailing Trips

The prices of cruise operators are very affordable. Based on the variety of options available the prices may vary with each operator. For instance, the Cumberland Charter Yachts operators have price ranges from $357 to$1,084. The Sunsail Australia cruise operators offer their cruises ranging from $420 to $1,415. For a slightly higher price, the Whitsundays Escape cruise charter operators offer the best for $550 to $1,600. Also known for their best services and luxurious cruisers the Whitsundays Private Yacht has prices ranging from $480 to $1,700. The Queensland Yacht Charters have prices ranging from $400 to $1,750. The Charter Yacht Australia has a price range of $400 to $1,800. Similarly the Whitsunday Rent A Yacht Charter has affordable packages ranging from $450 to $ 1,890.

Depending on your needs you can charter which ever suits you best

Sailing Tours

  • The Cumberland Charter Yachts
  • The Sunsail Australia
  • The Whitsundays Escape
  • The Whitsunday Private Yacht Charters
  • The Charter Yachts Australia

The yachts and cruises are available for tourists for durations of one night to six nights, so it is up to the tourist to decide on how long they plan on exploring the Whitsundays. Overnight sailing is most definitely a unique experience for anyone. This is the time when you get to spend hours under the star lit skies of Australia, surrounded by natural waters and aquatic life. The adventures and sailing in Whitsundays at night are unique and cannot be compared with other islands on the Antarctic Ocean. You can experience wing diving, enroll for a sailing training with the marine academy, and have tallships adventures.

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