Whale Watching

Whale Watching in the WhitsundaysWhale watching is one of the most amazing experiences in anyone’s life. You must want to know when and where to look for a whale during your tour. The Whitsundays are ideal for whale watching because whales pass around these islands every year.
Best Place to Watch
There is no need for you to wonder which the best place to watch whales is. It’s definitely the Whitsundays! These islands are naturally endowed with beauty and are the most suitable niches for whale migration during the warmer time of the year. Some sightings have been made off Cid Harbor, and occasionally out on the Great Barrier Reef, on the Knuckle Reef pontoon. Another important spot is Grimston Point. It is located on the northern cost of Airlie Beach and Double Cone Islands.
Time of the Year
The most appropriate time to visit Whitsundays is from July to September. The Whitsundays are 74 amazing islands placed like jewels crowning the tropical waters of the Coral Sea. The water here is warm and this attracts the whales during their annual migration from colder Southern seas. This is when most whale sightings happen and when you may get lucky. Nonetheless, whales have also been spotted at other times of the year as well. The whales migrate during this time of the year, because they search for warm and comfortable temperatures to calve and breed. The Whitsunday waters provide them with shelter and a welcoming environment to spend four month every year.
Information about Migration/Species
The arrival of whales makes holidays at the Whitsundays fun-filled and adventurous. Of course there are many other places where people go whale watching. But what makes the Whitsundays special is that here there are greater chances of you getting lucky. Every year numerous tourists visit the Whitsundays and return back to their homes feeling mesmerized with the whole experience. The humpbacks and the pilot whales are most commonly sighted here.
The most interesting aspect of whale watching at the Whitsundays is that here different species of whales can be spotted. There are all sorts of species which take part in the annual migration to Whitsundays all the way from Antarctica. The magnificent humpback whale for instance is one of the regular visitors in the waters of the Whitsundays Islands. When they arrive in the waters surrounding the Whitsundays the males (known as “Bulls”) offer tourists the exhilarating experience of seeing a display of natural whale behavior. The bulls play with one another in the waters and you will most likely get the opportunity to see a fin flab, or even get a cheeky glance from the whales. The whales can be seen soaring up into the air as much as three meters high into the air. The best part is usually when they crash back into the water and then the white spray of water that follows.
A once in a lifetime experience is when you get to witness a whale birth. You may be able to watch how the mother teaches her young one how to take the first breaths and begin swimming. The best way to describe this experience is “simply unbelievable”. You will surely see other female whale mothers nursing their babies from your vessel. With time, the Whitsunday waters have become known to whales for the safety of baby whales and birthing mothers. This is probably why flocks of whales migrate to the Whitsundays every year. Some are regular visitors and have made an identity in the Whitsundays waters. At Whitsundays you have lots of opportunities to learn about whale behavior.
Another very amazing experience you may be able to have here is listening to the whale song. The males (bulls) sing a song lasting for about ten to twenty minutes. The singing continues for hours while the males make their presence known. The purpose of the singing is not yet clear, however, it is assumed to be part of the mating ritual. The adult whales are of varying lengths. They range from 12 to 16 meters in length and they can weigh as much as 36,000 kilograms (36 tons).
The humpback whales are typically known for their migration distance to be about 25,000 kilometers every year. The humpback, like other whale species is one of the major targets for whaling industries. Amazing as it may seem, the humpback whale feeds only during the summer. It feeds in the cold waters and then migrates to tropical or sub-tropical waters. That is where it breeds and gives birth to its young. These whales survive off their fat reserves as they fast during the winter. You may wonder what their diet comprises of to help them survive. The mainly feed on krill and small fish. These magnificent whales are known for their diverse inventory of feeding methods.
The most talked about experience in whale watching this year has been the spotting of a white baby whale. It was happily frolicking the warm waters off Cid Harbor. A white whale is most definitely a rare occurrence. The only other white whale known in the world is “Migaloo”. It is assumed that the new white baby is Migaloo’s calf. The white baby whale being spotted here has once again testified to the fact that the Whitsunday waters are the best and safest for migrating pregnant and mother whales with young ones.

Operators That Offer Whale Cruises
To enjoy holidays in the Whitsundays you must get into the waters. There are operators that offer whale cruises and are staffed with experienced people. For example you may want to go into the waters with the ship Pacific Sunrise.
They are safe and reliable, so you can enjoy whale watching without fear. You can stop for a dive where the water is ideal and spend the whole day in the waters with family. Divers and snorkelers usually enjoy a lot in the Whitsundays waters. You get to experience and marvel at how whales sing to one another. It is simply remarkable! Furthermore, the crew onboard the vessel you will get to learn a lot about whales from the crew. They have lots to share with tourists from their experience.
There are operators offering whale watching opportunity from the air, as you enjoy the seaplane or helicopter scenic flights. By air you can get a whole new perspective of how these amazing sea giants behave.
The Whitsundays trip is beyond doubt one of the most amazing experiences anyone can ever imagine.