Scuba Diving Trips

Scuba Diving TripsOne of the world’s most famous scuba diving destinations in the world are the Whitsunday Islands. If you are looking for the most adventurous and memorable time of your life, this is where you have to be. There are dive operators catering to people who want to go diving and snorkeling. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you will have lots of fun in the dive sites of the Great Barrier Reef situated in the Whitsundays. Having the first experience with diving is always extraordinary. With qualified dive tutors you can make the most out of this experience and have the best vacation of your life. Whether you want to go on an overnight boat or on a sailing trip, dive operators are willing to help you. There are diving training centers like the Airlie Beach and the PADI 5 star where novices can get trained. Alternatively, you can get the PADI eLearning online training on theoretical aspects of diving. This will help in preparing yourself before you actually get to dive in the waters around Whitsundays. There will be lots of fun and exploring to do alongside with beautiful marine life. There are dolphins, turtles, dugong, and fish of diverse species to discover and even whales to watch. If you have a thing for taking pictures of marine life, this is where you can have the best and most colorful pictures ever seen. Each diving location has its unique marine life for you to explore and admire.

Whitsundays Dive Site LocationsThere are twenty famous and equally enchanting dive site locations in Whitsundays. All of these are located in, on, or around the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is 50 nautical miles off the Whitsunday Coast. It is barely two hours away and you can visit it for a day or even have overnight sailing trips. Here is a concise list of the diving sites to give you an idea of the aquatic beauty that is waiting to be explored.

  • Bait Reef and Garys Lagoon Dive Site: Is located off Hamilton Island. The Gary’s Lagoon is a great site for snorkelers and beginners at diving because it is well protected. Here you will find all kinds of marine life including corals, reef fish, woobegongs, turtles, and sometimes, manta ray.
  • Blue Pearl Bay: This diving site is located on the north-west side of Hayman Island. It is popular as the best places among snorkelers and divers for sightseeing. The residents of these waters are the Maori Wrasse. Other species of fish, boomies and corals will also be seen here.
  • Butterfly Bay – Hook Island: This is a well known bareboat anchorage and is located on the northern side of Hook Island. Here you will find the best boomies, colourful reef fish or all sizes, coral outcrops and there are shallow walls as well.
  • Caves and Canyons Dive Site: There is a 60 meter wall with a 20 meter shelf here. It is located on the Hook Reef and has lots of undiscovered boomies. There are exceptional coral gardens and different kinds of fish here. You may get to see mackerel, tuna and Indian Steephead Parrotfish here.
  • Drop Zone Dive Site: This is located off Airlie Beach, and here you get to dive with an altitude. Once you dive the current does the rest to bring an amazing diving experience. There are soft and whip corals here, staghorn forests and turtles to swim with.
  • Fairey Reef: This diving site is particularly popular for two of its extra ordinary dive sites. There is the Henry’s Bommie, located on the north-western flank of the reef and the Little Fairey Inlet located on the central western side of the reef. There are lots of amazing coral cover and tropical fish to discover in the cave of the Henry’s Bommie. In the Little Fiarey Inlet there are nooks and crannies to explore along with brightly colored angelfish, cod, trout and sweetlip.
  • Great Barrier Reef – Whitsundays: This is known as the world’s largest living structure. It is believed to be visible from outer space and is the eighth wonder of the world. Here you will get to make the most of whale watching, swimming with dolphins and turtles. There are colorful fish and corals in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

There are other diving sites with equally amazing sights to see and marine life to explore include; the Hardy Reef, the Langford Island, the Luncheon Bay, the Manta Ray Bay Dive Site, the Manta Ray Drop Off Dive Site, the Maureens Cove, the Hook Island, the Seaflight Bommie Dive Site, the Stepping Stones Dive Site, the Aquarium Dive Site, the Hangover Dive Site, the Pinnacles, Wallys Wall Dive Site and the Wuggle Fish Wall Dive Site. Each of the dive operators in the Whitsundays has the best of services to make sure tourists get to explore all these sites.

Whitsundays Dive Operators Visiting the Whitsundays without going diving is simply unacceptable. Airlie Beach is known to be the best spots for scuba diving and snorkeling. There are breathtaking corals and diverse marine animals you cannot afford to miss. If you have no experience with diving, Airlie Beach and the PADI 5 Star is where you will get to learn it as well as have your first experience with diving. There are experienced professional diver operators catering for both adults and children visiting the Whitsundays. However, it is important to know that the rates of dive operators vary as their services and number of days. Here is a brief on what the rates look like.

  • The Fantasea Adventure Cruising costs $45 to $49. The Cruise Whitsundays has prices ranging from $65 to $160. For more fun try the Whitsunday Dive Adventures and Kids Activities which costs $69 to $595. Alternatively, you can try the Adventure Sail & Dive – Southern Cross Sailing with price ranging from $119 to $399. The Reefjet Whitsunday costs $150, while the Maxi Ragamuffin costs $156. The H2O Sportz costs between $175 and $195 and is affordable. There is the Mantaray Charters for reasonable rates between $140 and $150. The Realsail has prices varying between $359 and $549, and has good services too. The Wings Diving Adventures costs between $475 and $585. Moving to the expensive ones we have the Adventure Sail & Dive – Whitsundays Sailing Adventures costs about $475. The Eco Tallships – Whitsundays Sailing Adventures has prices between $429 and $590. Moreover, the Australian Tallship Cruises has prices between $559 and $789. The Kiana Sail and Dive Pty Ltd costs $649. With all these options, there is a lot of adventure and excitement to look forward to at the Whitsundays.