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Ngaro Sea TrailThe Ngaro people have lived in the Whitsundays for over 9000 years. Therefore, they are known to be the traditional owners of the Whitsunday area where there is the Ngaro Sea Trail. As you visit the Whitsundays you follow in the footsteps of the Ngaro people and witness the natural beauty and richness of the cultural history of these people. There is a collection of the Aboriginal cave paintings at the Nara Inlet which is a major Ngaro cultural site. When you get to the Hill Inlet, you must look at the northern end of the famous Whitehaven Beach. It is the perfect sight to have on a postcard with swirling sands of the Hill Inlet. There are hikes to go for in the Whitsundays islands, on the Whitsundays Peaks and Whitsundays Cairn.
Accessing the Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail is very easy with private, chartered and commercial boats available. You can also use a kayak and other vessels you find convenient to use. There are commercial boats you can find on the Shute Harbor and the Airlie Beach. The Bareboats can found on the Hamilton Island, Shute Harbor and Airlie Beach. You can easily find public boat ramps in the area without much trouble. This makes exploring the Ngaro Sea Trail much fun and convenient for tourists.

Camping Locations along Ngaro Sea Trail
There are a range of camping locations in the Ngaro Sea Trail where tourists must camp to feel the natural life style of the Ngaro people. Of course, there is a fee of $5.30 for camping which you will need to pay. Before you can camp in the park, forest or reserves around the area, you will need a camping permit. Depending on the number of days and nights you want for camping the price will be calculated at the rate of $21.30 per night. The family group can comprise of two adults and accompanying children under the age of eighteen. There is no fee for children below the age of five. If schools wish to arrange excursion visits, it costs $2.90 per child.
Before going camping make sure to prepare well because there will be lots of sand and rubble. There will be micro-flush toilets and picnic tables provided. However, open fires and use of generators is prohibited at these camping locations.

The camping locations in the Ngaro Sea Trail include:

  • Sandy Bay, South Molle Island. This is an open campground with little shade and is suitable for walk-in camps with large groups. There are long sandy beaches where tourists get to do a lot of beachcombing. It is located on the west side of South Molle Island which is about 5km east-north-east of Shute Harbour. The easiest means of access is by boat, only at mid to high tides. It can accommodate a maximum of thirty six people.
  • Paddle Bay, South Molle Island. This is a sandy camp site, which backs onto rainforest and also overlooks the Daydream Island. There is enough shade and privacy here, although it connects to a 11.5km walking track system at low tide. It is located on a sandy spit, west of South Molle Island resort. It is approximately 6km east-north-east of the Shute Harbour. The easiest way to access it is by boat at mid to high tide, and alternatively by the island walking track. It can accommodate a maximum of 12 people at a time.
  • Northern Spit, Henning Island. Here you will find a pleasant sandy beach, and a closed forest canopy. There is enough native grass and casuarinas which adding to the pleasantness of natural beauty. This camp location is situated on the northern side of Henning Island which is 15km east-south-east of Shute Harbour. It can be accessed by boats at all tides. Because it is an open area it can contain as many as 18 people at a time.
  • Chance Bay, Whitsunday Island. This is an elevated campground with excellent views overlooking the sandy beach on Pentecost Island, the Lindeman Group and Cape Conway. It is located south-east of Whitsunday Island, and can be accessed by boats at mid to high tide. However, access can be difficult on windy days. A maximum 12 people can be accommodated here at a time.
  • Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island. This camp location is best described as the dazzling white pure silica sands. It is nestled between lowland vine forest and eucalyptus woodland behind a beach. Located at south-east of Whitsunday Island and is accessible by boat at all tides. It can accommodate as many as 36 people.
  • Peter Bay, Whitsunday Island. This is where you will love being surrounded by mountains that have excellent natural beauty and breathtaking views across the Border and the Dumbell Islands. It is located on the eastern side of Whitsunday Island, and can be reached by boats at mid and high tide. The accommodation is limited to 12 people.
  • Dugong Beach, Whitsunday Island. This is a campsite ideal for larger groups. It has a sandy beach and rainy forest which connects to the Sawmill Beach. This site is located at 17km east-north-east of Shute Harbour, close to the Cid Harbour on Whitsunday Island. The best way to access it is by boat at mid to high tide. The maximum number of people it can accommodate is 36
  • Curlew Beach, Hook Island. This is a sandy beach with rainforest and a small seasonal creek. The location is Macona Inlet, on Hook Island, about 17km north-east of Airlie Beach. It can be accessed by shallow drafted vessels only, and at mid to high tide. The maximum number of people it can accommodate is 12.

Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail Map

Species of Plants along Ngaro Sea Trail
There are diverse species of plants which can be found on these camp sites. Each camp site has its distinct native grass and casuarinas which you can explore. There are seventeen different species of casuarinas and you may be lucky to find them all.

Nearby Parks/Beaches on Ngaro Sea Trail
There are many nearby parks and beaches you can explore during your stay at these camps. Each camp overlooks some beach or park which is either connected to it, or is within its area.

Activities on Ngaro Sea Trail
The best activities to get your hands busy with while camping is having a barbeque. Otherwise, go for scuba diving in the waters for underwater photography. You may also want to try your luck with fishing and spend time rowing your boat when the tides are right.

Best Time to Hike Ngaro Sea Trail
The best time for hiking in these camp locations vary. Depending on the scenery and background, you may want to go hiking during the early hours of the morning, at mid day or even at night.