Scenic Drives

Cedar Creek FallsA holiday at the Whitsundays is not complete without spending time on land. It’s not just the waters surrounding the 74 remarkable islands in Whitsundays, it’s also about the sceneries on the Islands. There are beautiful waterfalls, rocks, caves and dams to explore. Spending time surrounded by the natural balance on Mother Nature can be a unique experience on the Whitsundays.
There are tour operators like Airlie Beach, providing services at a wide range of affordable prices. Once you visit the Whitsundays all you need is a proper tour around scenic drives and walks, in rainforests and scenic waterfalls. You can book services for a full day tour, half day tour, and even extended tours to explore the islands. Of course, you must know that diving off waterfalls or jumping into them is strictly prohibited. Having said this, there are some remarkable scenic drives and walks to spend time at while you are on the Whitsundays.

  • Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail: Tourists get to experience how life of the Ngaro people had been in ancient times. Walking on the tracks and blending seaways is an experience words cannot explain. Feeling the sands beneath your feet, seeing ancient rock art, feeling rolling grasslands and rugged headlands is a remarkable time of your life.
  • Whitsunday Great! Walk: Created by volcanic activities over a million years ago, the Conway State Forest lies on the Conway Range situated behind the Airlie Beach. This is probably one of the most quaint forest scenes anyone can find. Here you will find lowland tropical rainforest remnants and rocky creeks. There are tulip oaks, lush palm valleys, moss gardens and open woodlands to walk through. The rugged landscapes and offshore islands surrounded by wildlife, Ulysses butterflies; the smell of lemon myrtle flowers during the summer and the call of the Wompoo Fruit Dove take you to a different level of tranquillity.
  • Cedar Creek Falls: Only 20km away from the Proserpine on Saltwater Creek Road, you will find waterfalls and natural swimming pools here. There are strangler figs, wild orchids, red and white cedars to appreciate. You must experience walking in the bushwalks surrounding these picturesque waterfalls. The magnificent Alexandra Palms lining the creek all the way to the ocean is simply amazing and cannot be ignored while you are in Whitsundays.
  • Gap Beach: Located within the southern Great Barrier Reef islands, is the Lindeman Island. On this island you will find the Gap Beach, where there are rocky foreshores and mangrove communities. Tourists also get to admire spectacular views of the neighboring Pentecost Island.
  • Woompoo Walk: If you want to experience the freshness and balance of nature, the Woompoo Walk located in the Conway State Forest; off the Conway Ranges is the right place for you. You will find yourself amongst lowland tropical rainforest remnants and rocky creeks. Here one gets to experience peace and nature at its peak. There are seedlings struggling for light under the thick cover of the forest trees. You will also get to hear the resonating calls of the Wompoo Fruit Doves or spot the kingfisher if you are lucky.
  • Kingfisher Circuit: This serves as an escape to the refuge of tropical forests on the Conway Ranges. There are more rocky creeks and the Kingfisher Circuit track weaves to explore here. You will see giant strangler figs and tulip oaks ornamented with basket ferns. There are Ulysses butterflies and squeaks of the Grey Fantail birds to bring a unique and pleasant feeling on this tourist spot. The scenes here are unlike any other.
  • Conway National Park: This is home to the Proserpine rock wallabies and Australia’s mound-building birds. The two species, known as the Australian Brush Turkey and Orange Footed Scrubfowl, make the coastal park a unique tourist’s attraction. Tourists are welcomed in a traditional way by the Gia and Ngaro Elders with “Wadda – moolie”, which means “Welcome!” Having a bush camp on the pebbly beach is an amazing activity tourists cannot be let go while they are on Whitsundays. There is a camping fee but it is worth all the scenes you get to see. Tourists have a special picnic spot on Shute Harbour Road with forests to explore. There are other islands Conway National Park oversees, like the Daydream Island, Hamilton Island, Dent Island, Long Island and Henning Island as well. The view of the Coral Beach is simply remarkable from this location.
  • Whitsunday Crocodile Safari: Here there is a fully guided Crocodile Safari specially created for crocodiles. Tourists get the opportunity to see crocodiles living in their natural habitat and natural activities like cruising in calm waters. This is where one finds peace amidst local estuaries and wetlands meander inland. There is a Proserpine River where estuarine crocodiles accustomed to salt water live. There are many species of aquatic animals, birds, mammals and reptiles found here as well. Spend time and have a natural life style with different fun activities while you are out on a tour here. Have barbeques and other delicious dishes for lunch. Enjoy a full day tour only for $120.
  • Mount Rooper Circuit and Swamp Bay Track: While visiting the Conway National Park, one cannot ignore the Mount Rooper Circuit and Swamp Bay Track. There are lots of grass trees, wattles and lophostemons to enjoy here. There are creeks, pale yellow flowers and insects seen here along with stony soils providing tourists with a totally natural display of nature. There are more landscapes of the Whitsundays Passage and other islands on Mount Rooper Lookout. If you visit the Swamp Bay you will get to explore a rocky outcrop along the track. Tourists get to see signs describing the age old use of selected plants in this part of the island. There is much more to see across the Molle Passage as tourists head towards the Molle Group of Islands.
  • Peter Faust Dam: Also known as the Lake Proserpine, and located barely 30 minutes (26km) away from the Proserpine Town, the Peter Fraust Dam is the spot for sporty tourists. One gets to explore the freshwater here and spend hours fishing. There is also an active fish stocking group on this location. You may get to catch a Barramundi which is the prince of freshwater catches that only lucky fishermen can find. You might also catch some Sleepy Cod, Saratoga, Red Claw, or even some freshwater crayfish. Here tourists can relax in the unique climatic combination found here. One experiences a blend of tropical climate, mixed with long summer tinge and a little bit of winter.

You may also like to visit the Spion Kop Track, Solway Circuit, Mount Rooper Circuit and Swamp Bay Track, Villa Botanica Weddings, Coconut Beach – Boat Port Circuit. All of these places make Whitsundays just amazing.