Accommodation on the Whitsundays comprises of a wide range of island resorts and hotels. There is coastal resort village in Airlie Beach where one can have the best holiday. About ten minutes away from the Shatu Harbour is the Airlie Beach. This is where there are all kinds of accommodations available at the most convenient prices. There are accommodations costing as little as $77 to as much as $814 per night.

Accommodation On Land
There are two main groups of accommodations available on land at the Whitsundays. These are:
The Whitsundays Island Resorts: Known to be the jewels of the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays Islands are the most amazing scenic places on earth. Here the accommodations are spectacular as well. There is sophistication and comfort with elegance. There are amazing accommodations like the resorts of Hayman Island, the Beach Club on Hamilton Island and the secluded Pepper Palm Bay for those looking for a hideaway, the accommodation for families on Daydream Island, the South Molle Island and the Hamilton Island. At the Whitsundays you can find every kind of accommodation you need to get away from the stresses in life. Here you will forget about the protocols and sit back and relax in the natural environment with freshness all around you. You can get apartments, bungalows, hotels and qualias as well.

Here you can stay at the Palm Bungalows which are located close to the Resort Center. There are many other restaurants, some swimming pools and the Catseye Beach where you can spend the day. These
bungalows offer you a private balcony and exotic garden views where you can enjoy romantic moments, relax and find some peace.

The Reef View Hotel is also one of the most amazing spots to stay at while you are at the Whitsundays. Here there are Reef Suites, Terrace Suites with one or two bedrooms and even arrangements for the Presidential Suites. These are located on the upper floor of the Reef View Hotel. On the lower floor there are modern and spacious rooms, well furnished and with gardens or view overlooking the Coral Sea. In addition to these arrangements, tourists have bars, restaurants and swimming pools to spend time at.

There are lots of other places here where tourists can get the most comfortable and affordable accommodations. The prices of these places vary based on number of room and number of nights one
may want to spend. For holidays there are holiday packages which range from $230 to $462.

The Airlie Beach Accommodation: Being at the heart of the Whitsundays Coast accommodation at the Airlie Beach is where you get to live amongst the most pristine beaches and enchanting scenic
hinterlands. Among the variety of accommodations available here are restaurants, bars, clubs and cosmopolitan shopping areas where you can get the most interesting collection of boutiques and cafes.
The accommodations here are all located in a way to make them ideal for day trips to the Great Barrier Reef. You can explore the Whitsundays in scenic flights and get the best views of the Whitehaven Beach and lots of other amazing places.

Airlie Beach accommodation comprises of apartments where you will get views over Pioneer Bay and Abel Point Marin. There is a lot of shopping that can be done here, and many restaurants to explore.
The Airlie Beach Organic Bed & Breakfast is nested in the tropical organic garden in Airlie Beach. It is an eco-friendly lodging overlooking the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsundays Islands. There is the Airlie Waterfront Bed & Breakfast where you can get access to private spas, swimming lagoons and lots of placed to go shopping. Similarly the Waterfront Whitsunday Retreat is a luxurious boutique accommodation where you will not just get private spas. There are penthouses here as well. There are many more equally amazing and captivating accommodations available at the Airlie Beach.

Caravanning and Camping
Apart from lodging in hotels, restaurants, apartments and bungalows there are other options such as using caravans as well. Tourists can rent caravans to travel all over the Whitsundays islands with comfort, privacy and luxury. The caravans have properly installed gadgets to ensure safety and comfort for people using the caravans. There are beds, seats, stoves for cooking and necessary kitchen utensils along with other accessories and toiletries.

While spending time in caravans on the Whitsundays Islands, tourists can also make the most out of any opportunity to go for camping. Spend nights under the skies lit with stars. There will be lots of opportunities to explore rainforest sheltered beaches, spectacular fringing coral reefs, bush walks, and deserted islands. There are specific caravan parks where tourists can spend enough time exploring resorts and parks.

Camping on the Whitsundays in caravans will require secure parking and drive trail maps and information about the camping drop off services.

Whitsunday Backpacking Accommodation
Backpacking is the most common form of adventure travelling seen at the Whitsundays. There will be encounters with young Australian adventurers at the Airlie Beach. That’s because there scenic beaches and Great Barrier Reef attracts tourists like no other place. There are affordable accommodations available and all these makes a life altering experience for any tourist at the Whitsundays. There are many bars and clubs where tourists can spend nights partying and having the best time of their lives.

Backpacking tourists have lots of exploring to do while lodging at the Whitsundays. To make it easier and exciting for foreign tourists there are affordable options of accommodation. Tourists can stay on a boat by chartering affordable boats as long as you are above seventeen years of age.

One recommended tour for backpacked traveler to make includes the Fraser Coast. There will be lots of thrill and adventure opportunities with camping expeditions. The weather here is simply amazing and there will be no need for excessive spending. You won’t use your credit cards to the maximum limits. To make things more productive for backpackers, there are opportunities to experience some hard work during your trip to the Whitsundays. One may want to help with fruit picking, and harvesting some vegetables in the town of Bowen. This is situated in Central Queensland.

Getting to the Central Queensland is not too difficult. It is situated at Airlie Beach, about 1100km north of Brisbane, which is about 620km south of Cairns. Mackay cities are close to Bowen as well. These cities are about 150km to the south of Townsville which is 28km to the north. You can get the map of the Whitsundays Island to find your way around easily.

Additionally, there are two major airports with two main airlines for tourists to fly across the Whitsundays. These are the Jetstar and the Virgin Blue. Tourists can fly to the Whitsundays Coast Airport situated on the mainland at Proserpine and also fly to the Hamilton Island Airport. There are direct flights from Brisbane to these two airports on a daily basis.

If you choose to travel by road, using a camper or caravan, you can get across through the major operators Greyhound & Premier Coaches. In addition to these, there are operators who have specialized
in backpacker experiences which are always available to assist backpackers on their tour at the Whitsundays.

Sailing Accommodation
Accommodation at the Whitsundays is not just about being on land. There are magnificent cruises available for those tourists who want to live on water during their stay at the Whitsundays. There are a variety of vessels to choose from. There are a variety of yachts and catamarans to select from at all kinds of prices depending on the number of people lodging on the vessels and on the number of days and nights.

There are many vessel charterers with many different types of vessels. These are Ventura 38, Fairway 36, and Warwick 42. They are all well equipped with both cold and warm water showers, fridge, cooker, radio, players, and other essentials are available onboard these vessels. There will be the need to come with your provisions if you wish. Otherwise, the caterers can be asked to make some arrangements. The good thing about these vessels is that you can go anywhere in the Whitsundays and you do not need any special experience. As long as you can drive a car, you can handle the vessels. However you can also enroll to get some training on sailing with the premier training sailing school in the Whitsundays.

There are all kinds of sailing options available. For example adventure sailing, luxury sailing, classic sailing and Tall Ship Adventure sailing. Prices for sailing with accommodation range from as little as $69 to as much as $1,790. Tourists must understand that the rates depend on the number of days and nights the cruise will be rented for.

The Whitsundays is beyond doubt the best of experiences anyone can have. Whether you are a backpacking traveler or a usual tourist having the best holiday, there is enough accommodation
available. There are there most affordable rates for campers, vessels, apartments, bungalows, hotels and restaurants available on all the 74 islands which make it the best holiday experience for anyone.